What Will Pigging Out at Summer Holiday Parties Do to You?

Cosmetic_and_Dental_Implant_Center_Weekly_Blogs2_7615For today’s society, holidays (like the Fourth of July) and social events alike wouldn’t be complete without one thing—parties. It often seems like parties of every possible theme has been held for every possible purpose. Regardless of what your summer party might look like, though, it probably has one crucial thing: an abundance of food.

For many people, it is this combination of good food and socializing that makes parties so appealing in the first place. During these events, however, it’s often hard to think about the health implications of your actions. While it might not be totally disastrous to relax and let yourself eat what you want to sometimes, Dr. Trinh Nguyen from the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center explains that keeping in mind what your diet means to the rest of your body is nevertheless important.

Nutrition at Parties

While home-cooked meals are always going to be healthier than store-bought fast food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually good for your health. For parties and social events, the focus is often on creating food that tastes good rather than food that provides the proper nutrition.

Because of the Fourth of July, let’s use Independence Day parties as an example: the summer holiday often sparks parties filled with patriotically colorful desserts of all sorts. While these types of cakes, popsicle bars and ice creams are tasty treats for a hot summer day, though, they aren’t the best choice nutritionally. Always having nutrition in your mind and consciously trying to make healthy Fourth of July foods for your party will make sure you and your guests stay healthy.

Nutrition and Teeth

Specifically, making sure that your diet consists of the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important not just for your health in general but for your teeth. Many people unfortunately overlook the effect of nutrition on the teeth, despite their importance to the digestive system, and often these same people misdiagnose signs of a lack of vitamins for other tooth-related maladies.

Getting the proper amount of minerals in your diet is essential for the teeth because these same minerals are the ones that preserve the state of your mouth. Many of the soft tissues in your mouth (for example the gums) depend on a proper nutritional intake. These tissues can become softer and bleed more easily if they aren’t properly sustained, and this weakness could be a precursor to more serious tooth-related problems in the future.

To make sure that your dietary choices haven’t affected your teeth, make sure you visit a qualified dentist regularly for checkups! For a great dentist in Huntington Beach that you could see, you could seek out Dr. Trinh Nguyen from the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center. Call his Huntington Beach office at (714) 702-1328 or visit the website at www.cdicdental.com to set up an appointment today!

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