Custom Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Damage to the enamel often occurs over time, but it isn’t always caused by dental decay. Teeth grinding and dental injury can wear or severely damage your teeth. Chips, cracks, and fissures not only can be painful, but also lead to further damage if not repaired and prevented. Your dentist may sometimes recommend Night guards or Mouth guards. These dental devices are often the easiest solution for protecting your smile against damage caused from grinding or injury.


Occasional teeth grinding, or unnecessary pressure on the biting surfaces of your teeth, is not unusual. In fact, most people will clench their teeth from time to time. However, if clenching and “bruxing” is a chronic problem, it can do more than just strain your mouth. Those who suffer from severe bruxism, or persistent teeth grinding, could damage their teeth and the joints of their jaw. It can happen day or night, and is often unconsciously done. Some patients grind their teeth while they are driving, sleeping, or even while they exercise or participate in sports.

Common Causes of Bruxism

Why is Bruxism Dangerous?

Teeth grinding does not usually cause serious complications, especially if it only happens on occasion. Bruxism is common in growing children as their baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in. In these cases, bruxism is not considered dangerous or serious enough for treatment, and will likely be outgrown. However, with severe bruxism or injury, there can be complications. Often, the biting surfaces of your teeth will be the first to show wear and tear. In fact, those who consistently grind their teeth will wear down the enamel up to 10 times faster than those who don’t.

Other Risks Associated with Bruxism

Diagnosing Bruxism

But if teeth grinding often occurs unconsciously, how can you know if you suffer from bruxism? Most regular grinders have an idea about their problem. Often they will wake up with headaches or jaw pain. Others may even hear about it from their bed partners, because the clenching and grinding noises disturb their partners at night. Some will notice increasing jaw pain throughout the day. These are only a few of the ways you might discover your own natural tendency to clench or grind your teeth. However, before assuming anything, you should consult with our dentist for proper diagnosis.

Prepare for the Appointment

If you think you might have bruxism, or need a night guard or mouth guard, then consult with your dental care provider. When you call and set up a quick appointment, our practitioner will examine your teeth, assemble the facts, and set you up with the proper dental device.Before your visit, you will want to gather any relevant medical records. You should also list out your symptoms and the times when they occur most often. Even make notes on personal information like recent life changes or causes of severe anxiety. Finally, come prepared with any questions you may have about bruxism, treatment, or your unique condition.

Our dentist will likely ask you about when you first started having symptoms, how severe they are, and if you have suffered from any dental trauma. During your appointment you can also expect our dentist to revisit your dental records to check for changes in your teeth and mouth over the past months. If they suspect you may have moderate to severe bruxism, the practitioner will also evaluate other areas of the mouth. More specifically, they will look for sore or tender jaw muscles, dental abnormalities, and take some new X-rays. Depending on the results of this exam and your input, the dentist can then start working out the best treatment for you and your smile.

Night guards

With a comfortable and custom fitting night guard, you can give your jaw a rest and protect your teeth. This dental device, made from hard plastic or acrylic, will snugly fit either the upper or lower jaw. It will cover all your teeth, saving them from unnecessary pressure and wear. Please keep in mind a Night guard is not a cure for bruxism. It is likely that you will still continue to clench and grind your teeth at night. The guard will simply decrease muscular activity, preserve the jaw joint, and keep the enamel safe.

Advantages of Custom Night Guards

In cases of serious bruxism, you will need a guard of some kind. There are over the counter night guards available, but the fit and materials will not last. With a custom night guard from the dentist, you get a comfortable fitting device that will preserve your smile for several years. It will also help protect those expensive dental restorations you have already paid for. In the long run, a custom night guard from the dentist is the most cost efficient treatment for bruxism.

Athletic Mouth guards

If you or a family member has an interest in sports and activities, you might also want to consider getting a custom athletic mouth guard. Sometimes competition, concentration, and stress will cause people involved with sports to grind teeth. Yet, the leading reason many contact or adventuring sports require a mouth guard, is to prevent dental emergencies. An unexpected blow to the mouth could crack, fracture, or even completely knock out a tooth, including damage to soft tissue. These dental emergencies are painful and can be costly to repair. With a professionally crafted mouth guard, you can get custom coverings for your teeth and can save money and time in the long run. You can also get a custom athletic mouth guard for specific high-impact sports, activities, or adventuring. Whether you are interested in football, gymnastics, or rock climbing, a mouth guard makes a great investment for your teeth.

Advantages of Custom Athletic Mouth guards

You can buy a stock mouthguard from any sports store, including some that are “customizable.” Unfortunately, these fail to compare to the quality you will get from the dentist. Here at CDIC, we have the ability to address several critical issues in terms of the fit and fabrication of your guard. It will be completely customized to age, sport, level of competition, and even factor in previous injury for added protection. These athletic mouth guards will protect the hard and soft tissues of your mouth against hard hits, keeping your teeth intact.

Don’t wait until the season starts or you begin suffering from damages to your teeth. Whether you’ve signed your child up for little league, or you are suffering from bruxism, now is the time to contact us. Get your custom fitting athletic mouth guards and night guards right away and protect the smiles you value most!

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