Preventive dentistry

Dentists in Huntington Beach, CA

The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center is based in Orange County, California with three other office locations in Huntington Beach, Brea, and Placentia.

Restorative dentistry

The Office

The Huntington Beach Office is located at 19080 Brookhurst Street. We offer extended hours – until 7pm – to accommodate our patients who have busy schedules. We also offer accommodating payment options in order to fit our patients’ budgets.

Trinh Nguyen, DMD

Meet Our Dentists

The dentists at our Huntington Beach location include:

Calvin Dang, DDS, MS

Dr. Tuan Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Nguyen attended the University of California Irvine and completed his DDS degree at the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry. He finds dentistry an enjoyable occupation because it allows him to have meaningful interactions with people on a personal level while giving back to his community.

Dr. Nguyen is certified as an Invisalign provider and has extensive training in implant dentistry. He believes that the patient’s health comes first and foremost and that each patient needs an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Nguyen can be found spending time with his family, especially with his most recent addition to the family – a baby girl. He enjoys the outdoors and activities like camping, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. He understands that family and quality outdoor time are important in his patients’ lives.

Tuan Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Calvin Dang, DDS, MS

Dr. Dang attended the University of San Francisco School of Dentistry as well as earned his Master of Science (MS) degree at UCSF while serving as Chief Resident in his 3-year postgraduate residency program studying periodontics.

Dr. Dang’s skills include advanced (deep) cleanings and surgeries that correct gum disease, as well as tissue grafts for recession, implants to replace missing teeth, extractions, bone grafts, soft tissue regeneration, and more.

When Dr. Dang is outside of the office, he spends his time with his family. He also loves cooking, biking, traveling, gardening, movies, and keeping a healthy mind. Dr. Dang understands that a healthy mouth is connected to a healthy body.

Connie Nguyen, DDS, MSD

Dr. Connie Nguyen, DDS, MSD

She attended the University of California Irvine, where she earned her bachelor’s degree, and then completed her DDS degree at the University of California San Francisco. During her residency, Dr. Nguyen served as a Chief Resident. She has taught leadership and management skills that contribute to her skills at the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center team.

Dr. Nguyen is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, the San Diego County Dental Society, the California Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Nguyen can be found spending time with her family when she is out of the office. She enjoys taking trips to visit the extended family in Orange County where she is originally from. She understands the importance of family in her life, as well as her patients’ lives.

Our dentists not only serve within our Huntington Beach office. They take a serious role within the dental communities. Their work in many different dental organizations and associations provide them with the best information there is.

Trinh Nguyen, DMD

Trinh Nguyen, DMD

He attended the University of California Irvine and Temple University School of Dentistry. He has training in both surgical and restorative processes of implant dentistry, a well as training through the University of Southern California in several orthognathic surgeries that make the implant procedure more successful – including advanced bone grafting, ridge augmentation, and sinus elevation.

Dr. Nguyen loves to help others and takes great pride in his work. He gets satisfaction and fulfillment when he is able to help others while getting to know people. Dentistry has given him the ability to build wonderful relationships with his patients by providing them top-notch care.

Dr. Nguyen can be found enjoying motorcycles, basketball, bowling and yoga outside of work. Dr. Nguyen understands a busy, active lifestyle when it comes to his patients.

Cosmetic dentistry


We offer a wide range of services in our dental office. Our goal is to provide quality preventative dentistry in order to protect our patients from more serious dental problems in the future. We also perform a variety of restorative dentistry options for our patients who need restorative treatments. Of course we also offer implant dentistry at the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center. An overview of our services include:

Sedation dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the key to having a healthy mouth. Proper oral hygiene habits and routine dental checkups can lead to a healthy mouth. Serious dental problems and the risk of any existing problems recurring can occur without proper preventative dentistry.

Periodontal dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Maintaining a healthy mouth is important. When dental problems occur, it is best to restore your mouth to its proper function as soon as possible in order to protect it from more serious dental problems. Restorative dentistry doesn’t have to be an ugly process either. Our office offers cosmetic options that make restorative dentistry esthetically pleasing.

Sedation dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Our implants offer a life changing option that allows patients to enjoy all the foods they love, clear speech, and a confident smile that doesn’t leave them feeling self-conscious. Our dental implants not only function like natural teeth, but they look natural too. They have become the preferred method of treating missing teeth.

Our implant dentistry can help prevent bone loss, preserve the structure of your face, lips, and jaw while replacing a missing tooth without relying on the surrounding teeth for support.

At the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center, we have the ability to perform all aspects of restorative dental implants. While not all dentists have the ability to complete the entire implant procedure from start to finish, we can.

Periodontal dentistry

Our Goals

Our goal at the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center is to provide you with the best possible experience. Going to the dentist should be worry free. We do our best to make our patients comfortable and provide our patients with high quality care. Our dedication to our patients has begun to shine through with our 5 star reviews on Yelp and Google +. We know our patients are special and are putting their trust in our health care – and we do everything possible to exceed expectations.