Extractions & Oral Surgery

Extractions & Oral Surgery

Despite their simple appearance, teeth are complex hinged organs that are vital for human life. They connect to the alveolar bone and feature a strongly innervated and well-irrigated structure. Due to their important function and their proximity to the central nervous system, tooth ailments often cause a great deal of discomfort and pain.

Here at the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center, we can provide excellent advice regarding tooth extractions and oral surgery. Our well trained staff is equipped to handle even the most delicate of procedures.

Do I Need Extractions and Oral Surgery?

The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center’s specialists will always attempt to avoid surgery. After a friendly consultation, we will evaluate the health of your teeth. In many cases, extraction is not necessary, and after removing the damaged tissue, repairs can be made to restore proper function. Even the troublesome wisdom teeth can be left alone if their growth causes no damage to the surrounding area.

But sometimes, preventive measures are not enough and extraction is inevitable. Such is the case of some orthodontic procedures where bicuspids necessitate removal to provide room for the straightening of the other overcrowded teeth. Tooth decay remains one of the most common human diseases, and it is present in every layer of society. It is usually treatable and preventable in earlier stages.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

In a majority of operations, the procedure is simple. A local anesthetic is provided to numb the pain. The substance is quite effective, and the patient will perceive vague, numb sensations. The damaged or cavitated tooth will be removed without major complications. No specialized equipment is required, only an instrument that can grasp the surface of the affected tooth.

In other cases, complications arise, interfering with normal extraction. An irregular tooth position may hinder straightforward removal, thus necessitating surgery. Some teeth are held in place by bone tissue, and the medical specialist needs to cut around the surrounding gum to gain access. Once the incision is finalized, the bone will be removed using a drill.

Maximizing Patient Comfort

Dental phobia is a common condition. Due to the large amount of discomfort associated with some dental procedures, many people experience a large amount of anxiety when visiting their dentist.

At the Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center, we constantly struggle to eliminate all forms of anxiety. Our healthcare specialists will do their best to maximize comfort, explain the procedure in detail and help you learn about your ailment. Only by properly understanding the problem will the patient experience a lesser degree of negative feelings. Regardless of the issue, we always prioritize the least traumatic and invasive method of treatment. It is our top priority to restore and treat your natural teeth, and only resort to extraction when all other options are exhausted. We will also guide you through the post-operation stages of your experience, advising you on what behaviors to avoid. Overall, we have created an extremely comforting and welcoming experience because we hope to form long-lasting relationships with each of our customers.

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