Invisalign Braces are usually associated with those awkward teen-age years, yet they are extremely important devices. They provide aid for those who want to prevent tooth decay and crowding. Crooked growth also may alter the pressure distribution of chewing. This would cause certain teeth to experience an abnormal amount of stress, which leads to flattening and discoloration.

The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center presents Invisalign, a device that straightens your teeth and eliminates the discomfort of classic braces.

Why Should I Wear Braces?

Even though they are considered a nuisance, people wear braces because they work. Our mouth is designed to function as a symmetrical system, easily disturbed by crooked teeth. If you need braces and refuse to wear them, you risk damaging the joints of your jaw, resulting in a general state of discomfort and head pain. Braces also may be able to correct and improve your smile, raising your self-confidence.

It is wrong to assume that crooked teeth only damage your looks. Your long-term health also will be affected. Your gums and jaw bone will be spared a lot of stress, and it will be easier to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Knowing all of these facts, many people still avoid orthodontic treatment because of the braces. Be it metal, ceramic or plastic, they are almost universally loathed.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign provides users with the benefits, without the constant embarrassment. Braces are usually associated with children, but adults may need them, as well. There is a certain stigma regarding this fact, and Invisalign promises to save you from that experience.

Braces may restrict your diet, because it is easy for certain types of food to get caught in their frame. They just feel intrusive in a way that Invisalign does not.

How Can I Get Invisalign?

To gain access to this revolutionary technology, you must select a dental care clinic that features the Invisalign treatment. The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center is well-equipped to provide its patients with the products that they deserve.

If your doctor recommends braces, your teeth will be scanned, resulting in a virtual three-dimensional model. Using that computer model, the technology will create molds specifically designed to fit your teeth. Every aligner is unique; no two are the same. They are manufactured from transparent plastic, allowing for a discreet look and easy removal. People actually forget that they are wearing Invisalign, thanks to the elevated degree of comfort.

Once the 3-D printing process is finished, the product will be shipped back to your doctor. The patient will receive several sets, which should be changed once every two weeks.

Does Invisalign Work?

All of our patients report positive results. They are thrilled by its effectiveness and its discrete nature. We work closely with the manufacturing center to ensure that each aligner fits our clients perfectly. Each year, we are discovering new ways of improving and advancing this revolutionary solution.

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